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9. Stage Management

The Stage Management team will play an important part in the rehearsal process.

The size of your show will dictate how big this team will be, but most shows have a Stage Manager (SM) and a Deputy Stage Manager (DSM) who split duties between them. They may also have some assistants (ASM) during the show.

During rehearsals, the SM will be present to make notes on how the show will function, ensure that props are organized and bought and that everybody is safe.

Prior to the get in and technical rehearsals, the Stage Management team will run a ‘paper tech.’ This is a meeting between the director and technical team who go through the script marking in what happens backstage during the performance.

During the performance, the SM will manage the floor – ensuring cast members and props are in the right place and that set changes are efficient and safe. The DSM will sit at the Stage manager’s desk and ‘call’ the show – coordinating the lights, sounds and effects.