We're the largest and oldest student drama society in Cambridge and the resident company at the ADC Theatre.

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CUADC Election 2021

Results are out now!

The election has finished and the following positions have been filled:

President: Ella Fitt
Secretary: Hannah Collins
Junior Treasurer: William Audis
Technical Director: Maria Cleasby
Producers’ Representative: Amber de Ruyt
Directors’ Representative: Elliot Aitken
Technicians’ Representative: Annabelle York
Actors’ Representatives: Iona Rogan and Áine McNamara
Writers’ Representative: Jonathan Powell
Stage Managers’ Representative: Derek Penny
Webmaster: Mahon Hughes
Membership Secretary: Jonathan Black

The following positions have not been filled:
Designers’ Representative
Social and Outreach
Members will be coopted to fill these roles.

We would like to congratulate the wonderful new committee on their election and thank everyone who decided to run this year!

Also thank you so much for your patience despite some technical and
administrative setbacks over the last few days. This is the first year of
online elections and one of the first elections on the new SU system –
needless to say there have been some crossed-wires and this has delayed
results. However, we are confident that all the votes have been counted
correctly and independently checked.

While the committee is changing, if you have any queries about the election, please contact cuadc.election.2021@gmail.com.
For all other queries, please contact webmaster@cuadc.org.

The Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club is the oldest student dramatic society in the country and the resident company at the ADC Theatre. We offer membership to anybody aged 17 or over who is a student in a higher educational institution and resides within the city of Cambridge. We put on around 20 shows every year and aim to spread interest in the theory and practice of theatre in order to encourage the active involvement of students, regardless of their previous experience.

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