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About Us

The Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club (CUADC) is the oldest student dramatic society in the country. Founded in 1855, the club now supports over 50 productions a year in Cambridge, Edinburgh, London and on tour.

CUADC is the resident company and owner of the ADC Theatre, which is leased to and run by the University. We operate entirely for the benefit of students in Cambridge and aim to provide as many opportunities to you as possible. All of our shows are produced, directed, designed, created and performed exclusively by students and range from one-night stands to month long runs in Edinburgh.

Some well-known figures in the theatre industry have started their careers with CUADC and we try to keep current members in touch with our alumni. As well as producing shows, we host a range of events and workshops over the year to help you learn more about what you love.

Our website should answer any questions you have about CUADC or theatre in Cambridge, but we would love to hear from you. Click on the contact tab to get in touch.