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To find about about show vacancies and opportunities, keep an eye on Camdram and the Cambridge Theatre Facebook Group

With over 40 productions each term going on across Cambridge, there is always something to get involved with no matter what your experience. From stand up comedy to full-length musicals, there is a production to match your interests and availability.

The best way to get involved is to sign up to our email lists. We send out weekly emails listing production positions and auditions open for every show in Cambridge (not just CUADC funded productions). You can browse this information at any time using Camdram, Cambridge University’s production database. Unlike other Universities, our shows hold open applications for production team members and open auditions for cast members. This means that it doesn’t matter what year you are in or who you know – you can easily join in!

Click on a link to go to the sign-up page:

  • Info list – Keep up to date with all the latest news and upcoming events from CUADC, including workshops, social events, Show Applications and other exciting opportunities!
  • Alumni List – A special list exclusively for graduates and old members who are no longer students. Keep up to date with all the latest news, exclusive alumni membership benefits are reunion events.
  • Crew List – Opportunities to get involved on a casual basis, from set building and painting to Sunday get-ins and show ops. This is the list with opportunities perfect for those who’ve never done theatre before and wish to learn more and get involved.
  • Actors’ List – Sent once a week, this includes information about times and locations for auditions across Cambridge.
  • Directors’ & Producers’ List – Contains open positions for directors and producers, as well as adverts for show applications to societies and funding bodies. Also includes adverts for musical directors and choreographers.
  • Designers’ List – Contains adverts for set designers, costume designers and publicity designers.
  • Musicians’ List – Open positions for bands, composers, sound designers and any other musical opportunities.
  • Technical List – Includes open positions for backstage production roles including technical directors, lighting and sound designers, stage management and more.