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ADC Workshop Toolcodes

If you have personal tools you use at the ADC, you can request a toolcode to keep track of them. A toolcode is two colours of electrical (PVC) tape (you can get this from sundries), which you can attach to your tools to identify them as yours. If you find tools with tape on them, they likely belong to someone – the following list contains toolcodes in current use, so things can be returned to their owners. There should also be a (relatively) up to date printed list in the workshop. At the bottom of this page is a list of all historic users of all toolcodes.

If you want a toolcode, find an empty one in the list you like and email td@cuadc.org to request it.

Note that colours are in alphabetical order, so look for the first colour in the alphabet in the first column first. (e.g. look for Blue-Red not Red-Blue).

1st Colour 2nd Colour User 1st Colour 2nd Colour User
Black Blue Charlie Jonas Earth Grey
Black Brown Ian Leith Earth Orange Giles Fleming
Black Earth George Bateman Earth Purple
Black  Green Earth Red Andrew Cooper
Black Grey Sheanna Patel Earth White David Stansby
Black Orange Peter Griffin Earth Yellow Rob Mills, Andrew Booker
Black Purple Lydia Clark Green Grey
Black Red Duncan Wood Green Orange Tony Dent
Black White Oliver Duff Green Purple James Hutchings
Black Yellow Edward Louth Green Red
Blue Brown Alex Brett Green White
Blue Earth Leah Ward Green Yellow
Blue Green Alan Egan Grey Orange Jack Swanborough
Blue Grey Beast Grey Purple  Jireland
Blue Orange Adam Smith Grey Red Daniel Christopher
Blue Purple Grey White
Blue Red Eddy Langley Grey Yellow
Blue White Tim Palmer Orange Purple Jon French
Blue Yellow CUADC Orange Red Doug Deboys
Brown Earth Andrew Featherstone Orange White Bethany Craik
Brown Green Jamie Balcombe Orange Yellow David Wood
Brown Grey Purple Red Toby Molyneux
Brown Orange Dominic Plunkett Purple White Alex Barnett
Brown Purple Purple Yellow Sam Payne, Mitchell Clarke
Brown Red Stuart Moore Red White Tom Louth
Brown White Penguin Club Red Yellow Alaric Worrod
Brown Yellow European Theatre Group White Yellow
Earth Green Will Wykeham
Sparkly Pink Sparkly Purple Kaitlin Christopher Sparkly Blue Sparkly Silver Avi Velevski