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Please fill out the box below with any comments you may have on CUADC’s activities within the Cambridge Theatre scene. This can include specific experiences, or your opinion on an issue more generally that you would like the Committee to know about and address. While we welcome wider comments about the Cambridge Theatre scene, please note that CUADC only has direct influence over shows that we fund. However, we will always endeavour to pass on feedback to the relevant society or other body if it does not directly pertain to CUADC.

This form is completely anonymous – there is no need to enter your contact details unless you wish to do so. The feedback will be reported back to the CUADC Committee by the Webmaster, so please tick the checkbox below if there are any details which you do not wish to be shared with the entirety of Committee. If you do enter your email address then we will reply to you with our response and perhaps discuss it in further details.