7:00 pm, Corpus Playroom


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Freshers Plays

The CUADC Freshers’ Plays are plays supported by the CUADC whose entire creative teams – actors, directors, producers, designers, technicians and many more roles – are made up of students who have never been involved in Cambridge Theatre before.

Often a lot of people involved are first years, but many postgraduates and people from other year groups who are also new to Cambridge theatre are more than welcome to take part!

To take part as an actor, click here for an audition pack!

To take part as a producer (or assistant producer), click here

To take part as a director (or assistant director), click here

To take part for publicity (publicity designer, publicist, photographer), click here

To take part in a backstage role (technical director, set designer, set builder, set painter, head carpenter, lighting designer, assistant lighting designer, follow-spot operator, sound designer, assistant sound designer, stage manager, deputy stage manager, assistant stage manager, head of props, costume designer, assistant costume designer), click here

See below for more information about each show!