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2. Funding

There are several societies in Cambridge looking to fund your production, so you should never have to use your own money. Different societies have different rules for who can apply for their funding and be involved in their shows.

CUADC is the largest funding body in Cambridge. We fund around 10 shows a term, most of which are at the ADC Theatre. To be involved in our productions you have to be a student within Cambridge (not necessarily at the University of Cambridge). We also provide a huge amount of support to our shows and can help you at every step of the production process.

Other funding bodies in Cambridge include: The Fletcher Players (the resident company of the Corpus Playroom) The Marlowe Society, Pembroke Players, BATS, Clare Actors, Alcock Players, The Heywood Society and The King’s College Drama society. All of these, and more, will advertise when they are looking for funding on the directors’ and producers’ list.

The application process for slots at the ADC Theatre and Corpus Playroom, and funding from CUADC or the Fletcher Players, happens at the same time, roughly in week 4 of each term. You just need to fill in a simple form, available on our website once applications are open.