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4. Auditions

There are lots of actors and actresses in Cambridge looking for parts in shows.

You could post an advert on Camdram with the details of your auditions as soon as you can, to give people plenty of notice. Some people also create Facebook events for their auditions.

You will need to book a space for the auditions – click through to the ‘rehearsal venues’ slide for more information on spaces in Cambridge.

It is up to you how to run your auditions. Most people provide short forms for auditionees to fill in with their contact details and experience. You may want to provide an audition extract on the door, or ask people to prepare their own in advance.

For musicals and panto, you will need to book a room with a piano and make sure people know whether or not they need to provide sheet music.

After an initial round of auditions, most shows hold at least one round of recalls. Again, make sure you let people know if they are no longer being considered for a role.