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7. Publicity

Cambridge is lucky to have two large audience demographics. Students make up the majority of audiences which is added to by the residents of Cambridgeshire. It is important to target both audiences thoroughly.

You will need to create a publicity design for your production, to use on posters, flyers and online. If you are performing at the ADC or Corpus Playroom, your production will be included in the season brochure, which is sent out to customers once a term.

There are lots of productions in Cambridge, so look at the publicity around town and see what works best. Printing can take up to a week to arrive depending on who you use, and really you want your print up at least two weeks before your opening night. The committee can help advise you on which printers to use.

If with CUADC, you will also be listed on our website.

Social media is increasingly important in marketing your show, and is completely free. Make the most of it as early as possible.

For larger productions, you might also like to take out adverts in local newspapers to reach a wider audience.