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6. Building & Rigging

Once designed, the building process requires careful planning. Your technical director (TD) will turn set designs into technical drawings before work begins.

Any shows using the ADC Theatre or Corpus Playroom can use the well-equipped workshop space at the theatre, which has most of the tools you will need as well as a painting dock to create your set.

Similarly, ADC Shows can order materials and paint on account, which will be taken from your box office sales once your show is finished. The theatre can help you with ordering materials and giving you the details of suppliers.

Once the set is finalized, the lighting team will get to work, using the technical drawings to create lighting plans. Lighting Rig layouts differ at each venue, but most have accurate plans for you to work from. The ADC Theatre and Corpus Playroom have their own lighting equipment. If you are using another venue, you may need to hire in lighting and sound equipment.