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8. Rehearsals

Students in Cambridge are incredibly busy, with large demands being made academically during term and many people being involved with more than one production at once. This makes scheduling rehearsals a difficult task that is only possible if done in advance.

Try not to call people for rehearsals unless they are needed and minimize waiting around time by detailing in your schedule what will be done when as much as possible.

Rehearsal space in Cambridge is very limited. Shows at the ADC and Corpus are given 6 hours of rehearsal space a week, which can be booked at the ADC Theatre’s Room Booking Website but this will not be enough. Most colleges have space that can be booked by students there, so where possible use your own college to rehearse. Larger spaces include:

  • The Jesus Forum: An underground room at Jesus College suitable for large rehearsals.
  • Mong Hall: A large hall in Sidney Sussex which is ideal for rehearsals with a band or orchestra.
  • Emma Old Library: A large room at Emmanuel often used for dance rehearsals.
  • Downing Dance Studio: A medium sized mirrored room.
  • The Old Labs: A big room at Newnham College.