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You Can’t Take It With You

18th - 22nd November 2014, 7:45 pm
ADC Theatre
Tickets: £7 - £12
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From homemade fireworks to dubious ballet, everything that can go wrong does at the Sycamore household. But when their youngest daughter brings her fiancé and his buttoned-up parents over for dinner, that’s when the real fireworks start to fly.

Join Cambridge’s newest acting talent as they tell the story of the Sycamore household, at times heart-warming, at times eccentric, and at times just plain mad!

You Can’t Take It With You is this year’s Freshers’ Mainshow. The Freshers’ Shows are performed, directed, produced, designed and crewed entirely by those new to Cambridge drama, showcasing the ADC’s freshest talent. Go to for more information or to get involved.