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Serious Money

14th - 18th November 2023, 7:45 pm
ADC Theatre
Tickets: £11.50 - £17
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CONTENT WARNINGS (may contain spoilers) can be found on the ADC website.

Serious Money is a darkly humorous look at finance, influence and jargon, set to rhyming couplets in the beating heart of London’s financial district.

When top city bankers have to solve a murder, it doesn’t go quite as planned – especially when they fear the stock market isn’t quite as stable as they like to say it is. Putting the underground in underground trading, Caryl Churchill examines just how much money is too much, and exactly what you can-but-shouldn’t do with that corporate merger. It may be shocking – but that’s just business.

This amateur production of “Serious Money” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

This production is recommended for ages 16 and over.