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Killer Joe

3rd - 7th November 2015, 7:00 pm
Corpus Playroom
Tickets: £7/£6 (Tue £6/£5)
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Tracy Letts

“Of course, we never discussed the possibility of a retainer.”

Austen, Texas. Desperate to pay off $6000 to two drug barons who will be coming for him any day, Chris Smith recruits his Dad, Ansel, and stepmom, Sharla, into a conspiracy to kill the absent matriarch and claim her sizeable life insurance policy.

Luckily, local hit man Killer Joe is open for business. But he needs a retainer against his final payment. Chris’s sister Dottie seems to fit the bill. Has the hit man met his match? And are you hungry for some KFC?

A Southern blacker-than-black comedy thriller from the mind of Tracy Letts, the author of August, Osage County, this play acts as a brutal satire of American poverty and a powerful deconstruction of the American family ideal.