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Agatha Christie’s The Hollow

14th - 18th February 2023, 7:45 pm
ADC Theatre
Tickets: £11 - £16
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72 years since it debuted in Cambridge, Agatha Christie’s The Hollow is back.

Follow the Angkatell family as they fight for love, revenge and money in this classic Christie murder mystery.

The Angkatell family return to the Hollow, where Sir Henry and Lucy Angkatell host their cousins Henrietta, Edward and John and his wife Gerda. But when John’s old flame, the fiery Hollywood Star Veronica Craye arrives, the only solution can be murder! Luckily Inspector Colquohoun is on the case, and he’ll uncover more family secrets than just the solution to this crime… With witty characters, shock twists and one of Christie’s trademark ingenious solutions, The Hollow is the perfect excitement for a spring evening.