We're the largest and oldest drama society in Cambridge and the resident company at the ADC Theatre.

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Hedda Gabler
29/4/2014 - 3/5/2014, ADC Theatre
'I can see him. With vineleaves in his hair.' Hedda Gabler is bored, and that's dangerous. Stuck in her stifling new mansion with her dull, dependable husband, she wants a destiny to control: if not her own, then someone else's... Read More
The Tempest
6/5/2014 - 10/5/2014, ADC Theatre
Prospero's unchallenged reign over his island has continued for over a decade, but the washing up of a boat carrying Italian noblemen onto its shores looks to challenge that.  With the help of his magical servant, Ariel, he hopes... Read More
And the Horse You Rode In On
4/8/2014 - 25/8/2014, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Charting their last twenty minutes of calm before the call to charge, And The Horse You Rode In On tells the story of ten men pushed to the brink in the trenches of the First World War, and the damage its irresponsible leaders cau... Read More