We're the largest and oldest drama society in Cambridge and the resident company at the ADC Theatre.

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God on Trial
30/7/2014 - 16/8/2014, C Nova, Edinbrugh
As a group of male Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz concentration camp wait to discover their faith of either hard labour or death, they decide to put God on trial. The charge is that God has broken the covenant made with the Jewish... Read More
Bazaar and Rummage
30/7/2014 - 16/8/2014, C Nova, Edinburgh
Sue Townsend's play sees three agoraphobic women endure a jumble sale organised by their social workers in an attempt to drag them, kicking and screaming, into the open. High jinks ensue as Fliss, the lefty trainee and Gwenda, the... Read More
And the Horse You Rode In On
4/8/2014 - 25/8/2014, Paradise in Augustines, Edinbrugh
Charting their last twenty minutes of calm before the call to charge, And The Horse You Rode In On tells the story of ten men pushed to the brink in the trenches of the First World War, and the damage its irresponsible leaders cau... Read More