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Vanity Fair: An (Im)morality Play

24th - 28th May 2022, 7:45 pm
ADC Theatre
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We love and we hate, we lust and we mourn. And in the face of these immensities, do you still care? Do you still want what you want? Time can’t stop us, death can’t stop us, war can’t stop us! The power of Vanity Fair!

Amelia is kind and gentle. Becky is ambitious and rebellious. Amelia longs for love. Becky wants wealth and popularity. Despite all their differences, when both women are swept up by the tides of romance, money, gossip, power, war, and death, they quickly discover that their fortunes can fall just as swiftly as they rise. In the world of Vanity Fair, only one thing is certain: that nothing is certain.