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The Plague

14th - 18th May 2019, 7:00 pm
Corpus Playroom
Tickets: £6 - £10
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“The plague bacillus never actually dies. It never disappears – not entirely”. From Camus’ novel, in an unnamed city, it has reared its head and sent forth its rats. The screaming becomes normal, the gates are locked, families and lovers have been cut off; now all there is to do is identify, diagnose, condemn and file. Faced with inevitable doom, humanity chooses to fight or resign, asking what we all want to – ‘can there be hope without meaning?’.

We bear witness to the retrospective inquiry into these events. Our protagonist, Dr Rieux, is torn between the personal and the official, bureaucracy ultimately hindering the inquiry and his healing. Camus’ original may have been a response to Nazi invasion, but now this electrifying adaptation makes it applicable to our personal and societal descent into chaos.

“What it is that you learn when you live through a time of plague… there is more to admire about people than to despise or despair of”.