7:00 pm, Corpus Playroom


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Skillshare Workshop: Stage Combat

12th May 2018, 1 pm

This term, one of CUADC’s Actors’ Reps, Jess, has organised a series of workshops, designed to share skills between students.

The first is a workshop on stage combat, given by Joni Ben-Shaul.

This is a workshop aimed at both actors and directors to help people practice and choreograph stage combat safely. One workshop will focus on unarmed combat and another would involve rapier fighting (with participants coming to the sessions with a fight scene already in mind/partially prepared, which Joni will work on with them).
Mentor info: Joni has done a two week long intensive workshop at the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat in which he focused on unarmed and rapier & dagger, passing both of these systems and receiving a distinction in the latter. He has also choreographed many shows since then, which has taught him a lot about working with the specific spaces in Cambridge (esp. the Playroom), about fitting choreography to an existing script and working with different styles (gritty realism of Pomona, epic large scale of Coriolanus, comedy sword fighting in Panto).

The workshops have a limited capacity, spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.