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Parlour Song

24th - 28th January 2023, 7:45 pm
ADC Theatre
Tickets: £11 - £16
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“Me and Lyn, Ned and Joy, we live six feet apart. It’s the same house. But round theirs everything’s backwards. It’s funny. You live six feet apart and your paths never seem to cross”

Jez Butterworth’s Parlour Song, set in the leafy suburbia of a North London estate of manicured gardens, lollipop trees, innocent games of scrabble and clean swept driveways attempt to mask the paranoia and secrecy lurking beneath. Demolition expert Ned lives in a nice new house on a nice new estate on the edge of the English countryside. He loves his job. Barbecues. Car-boot sales. Fitness programmes. Outwardly his life is entirely unremarkable. So why is it that every time he leaves on business, something else goes missing from his home? While he is away on demolition work, his own life is slowly crumbling before his eyes.

A dark and hilarious exploration of deceit, paranoia, and what happens when neighbours start to share more than a postcode.