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Love, Love, Love – Mike Bartlett

20th - 23rd January 2016, 11 pm
ADC Theatre
Tickets: £5 - £7
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‘The worlds’s going to be a different place in ten years, everything’s that’s stopping us, what we’re told to do, what we’re told is the way to live, it’ll all be different, you can feel it.’
1967. Sandra and Kenneth know the world is changing. Through the dope haze they grasp at the promised new tomorrow. As idealistic teens are hurtled into mid-life parenthood, it feels as though something has gone terribly wrong. The change has escaped somewhere with the smoke and empty wine bottles. Divorce, old age and retirement creep up just as quick and the 21st century offers our pair the rewards of the baby boom generation. Their children look on, bitter and angry. Generation X rails at the laissez-faire attitude of their parents that has condemned them. Olivier award winning playwright Mike Bartlett draws us into the generational debate and leaves us to make our minds up.