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22nd - 26th October 2013, 7:45 pm
ADC Theatre
Tickets: £6 - £10
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The most ground breaking and original play of the last fifty years.

Sex, drugs and trance music. That’d be village gala day. Gala queen Phaedra is missing. Anarchist, waster and ex-daredevil motorcyclist Johnny “Rooster” Byron, infamous for his anti-social raves drawing the local ne’er-do-well youths, is suspected by Phaedra’s stepfather Troy of involvement. To add to Rooster’s problems, the council is sending a riot squad to evict him from his illegally parked mobile home in a wood next to the new estate. But Rooster is in good spirits. Seen by many as a menace to society, he provides safety for those from broken homes and the unconventional. He enthrals with stories of ancient myth and forest spirits. He may even be one. He is also an absentee father, has violent episodes and likes young girls

Crafted with deep intelligence and insight, fast, funny and sexy, see the “instant classic,” a vision of contemporary England that galvanized critics from London to New York.