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Don Juan Comes Back From The War

14th - 17th November 2018, 11:00 pm
ADC Theatre
Tickets: £5 - £9
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1918. The war is over. Berlin is crumbling. Don Juan feels like the last man standing, and after years of abstinence, is once again ready to engage in more of the debauchery and sin that made his name. But amidst the political and economic upheaval, fighting mental and physical battle scars, Don Juan finds himself increasingly at odds with the man he used to be. Hero or lothario, is there redemption for this broken man?

Ödön van Horváth’s visceral tale of isolation in the aftermath of the First World War is presented in a new adaptation by Duncan Macmillan.

This is one of our Freshers’ show in Michaelmas Term 2018, the cast and production team of which are made entirely by freshers and people new to Cambridge Theatre.