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Accidental Death of an Anarchist – Dario Fo

28th April - 2nd May 2015, 7.00 pm
Corpus Playroom
Tickets: £5 - £6
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Did he fall? Or was he pushed? Only one man can cut through massive bureaucratic duplicity and reveal what happened to the suspected anarchist who died at the bottom of a fourth-floor police station window.

In a world of commonplace deception and organised corruption, he stands as a bastion of honour and justice. He also happens to be a notorious liar, quick-change con artist, and certified maniac.

Nobel Prize-winning Italian playwright Dario Fo’s explosive political farce, inspired by a true story, in a version by Simon Nye (“Men Behaving Badly”), brought to life in a riotous new production.

Come and witness a masterpiece in comic absurdity, a feat of acid wit and farcical bravado, and see for yourself whether there is any method in the madness.