We're the largest and oldest student drama society in Cambridge and the resident company at the ADC Theatre.

8:00 pm, ADC Bar


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Charlie Jonas – Webmaster

Hey there! I’m Charlie (he/him), a finalist studying Natural Sciences, and I’ll be your Webmaster for the next year! It’s my job to keep the website tip-top and up-to-date with the latest useful information that you need and want. So if you have a suggestion or recomendation for something that you’d like included on here please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at webmaster@cuadc.org

You may see me around and about the theatre, probably working on the technical side of a production. Feel free to interupt me and have a chat whenever – I’m always willing to do my best to help out. And if I don’t know then I’ll be able to find someone who does!