We're the largest and oldest student drama society in Cambridge and the resident company at the ADC Theatre.

8:00 pm, ADC Bar


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Charlie Eardley – Club Publicist

Hey, I’m Charlie (he/him) and I’m the Club Publicist for CUADC. It’s my job to let everyone in Cambridge know about all the cool things the CUADC is doing, whether that be the shows we’re funding, or one of the many social events we have throughout the year. On top of that I represent all the fabulous Publicists and Publicity Designers in the Cambridge Theatre scene, and support Producers with their publicity campaigns. Running the publicity campaign for a show is super fun, and vital for making sure people actually come along and see our shows!

When I’m not trying to understand the impenetrable way Facebook processes images, I can be found backstage as a Stage Manager. Failing that I might be hanging around the Geology department cracking rocks open and thinking about Dinosaurs.