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8:00 pm, ADC Bar


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Avi Velevski – Technician’s Rep

Hey, I’m Avi (they/them), a second-year English student at Fitz. I’m the Techician’s Rep for 2017-18, so I’m here to help lighting and sound designers and encourage more people to get involved with these roles, so please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions (including things like “what does a sound designer actually do?” and “how do I switch on the lighting desk?” – I came to Cambridge last year not knowing any of these things so don’t be shy!). Tech roles are a great way to get involved backstage and isn’t hard to learn regardless of which subject you do – the great thing is that you definitely don’t have to have an extensive knowledge of complicated tech to join in! You learn with experience and you get to be both creative and practical, AND it’s a chance to see loads of amazing shows for free from the tech box. If you have any questions about getting involved or just want to chat about pretty lights/exciting tech/life, feel free to email me at technician@cuadc.org or find me in the clubroom or lighting box!