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8:00 pm, ADC Bar


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Amelia Parker – Stage Managers’ Rep

Hi I’m Milly (she/her)! I’m the CUADC Stage Managers’ Representative. I spend my time trying to make any exciting idea a director has for their show safe, and as easy as possible to slot into the technical side of the show. Stage managing is such an incredible role because you get to know both the cast and crew very well, in rehearsals and in production meetings. This means you have the rare opportunity to get to know both sides of theatre. It’s so easy to get involved even with no experience, and I would recommend Assistant Stage Managing as a way to do so, email me at sm@cuadc.org if this is something you would be interested in!

I also run the CUADC props store which contains a wide variety of weird and wonderful props for ADC and Playroom shows to use for free (ranging from vintage cameras to a large plastic trout). It is open on Sundays and Wednesday so please email me at least 48 hours in advance to book an appointment.